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The Successful Job Interview

Job interviewing can be a challenge even for the most articulate individual. There are several things to consider. The most important things we should do to prepare are things not to discount. These can improve your chances for success and help the quality of your life.

1. Evaluate your skills: There is no substitute for thorough preparation. Make certain you can relate to the interviewer all of your skills and best qualities. Provide the company with what you can bring to the job everything you can offer the employer. You do not want to improvise. It's essential to know the job description and and that you meet the qualifications.

2. Be prepared to resopond to the most difficult questions. There will usually be similar questions asked at a job interview....What are your strengths?......What areas are you weak in ?......Are you familiar with the products and services offered? Be prepared with answers that sound right and reasonable. This has the advantage of giving you confidence during the job interview.

3. Be on time! If you show up late you will not likely get the job. However, If you are going to be late phone ahead and let the interviewer know. If you have a lot of other things going for you then this might be overlooked.

4. Dress for success. Smart and neat clothing can be important especially if you will be interacting with customers and clientsl. When in doubt... dress conservatively as you cannot be criticized for being too professional .

5. Know exactly where the location of the job interview is and make sure you allow sufficient time to arrive at a minimum of five minutes early. Research the company - what does it offer in products and services. You can normally obtain information you by searcing their company website. If you are asked about any of these and don't know... this will look very much like you are not really interested and wanting the job opening. If you are not asked about the business then try to include this into the job interview.

If you want to snag the job then basic preparation is essential. Additional preparadness will vault you to the top of the candidates.

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