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Choosing an Easy Website Builder

Website Builders provide an easy way for small business owners to create a website without learning HTML, CSS, or other website coding languages. With dozens and dozens of options, which one is right for your website?

The best way to find the right website builder for you is to know what you need before you make your choice.

Below are eight key points. Why take time to consider all these points? By knowing what you need and choosing the right website builder the first time, you'll save yourself from spending hours creating a website only to find it doesn't do what you need and having to start all over again. You can get your website online quickly and with less frustration when you pick the right website builder!

Online vs. Offline: Do you want a program you can install on your computer and work with while you are offline? If you're on a slow dial up connection this may be important. Or, do you want to be able to access your website to work on from different computers? If so, look for an online website builder that you can access from any computer connected to the internet.

Budget: There are many good options available free or for a reasonable license cost. Keep your budget in mind while looking.

Designs and Templates: Are you looking for something with built in templates you can choose from? You should be able to preview the templates for a website builder before you purchase or install it. If you have a website designer you'll be working with, look for a website builder that will allow your designer to create a template that will work with the builder.

Compatibility: If you already have a website host, you'll need to make sure the website builder you're considering is compatible with your host. Most website hosts offer a selection of website builders you can compare. You'll also want to be sure that the website builder is compatible with your computer and website browser.

Skill Level: Some website builders are great for beginners while others are better for those more familiar with computers and the internet. Try out a demo of the website builder you are considering to see how it works. Expect a learning curve, as with any new software, but don't jump into something with a bigger curve than you're ready to tackle.

Directions and Support Options: Are there video tutorials or clear written directions to help you learn to use the website builder? Is support available if you need it? If not, do you have someone who can help you learn to use the program?

Available Features: What features does your website need to have? Take some time to plan out what you want your website to do and offer so that you can pick a website builder that will work for you. Here are some features to consider:
- informational pages
- newsletter
- blog
- calendar
- contact form
- shopping cart
- photo gallery
- other specifics you need

Flexibility: Consider how flexible the website builder is. Does it allow you to view the code and edit it? Are there add ons or modifications available? Can you edit the templates directly if you choose to? You may be able to choose a website builder that doesn't offer all the features you want, as long as it allows a way to add those features. For example, you may find one you like that doesn't include a built in newsletter, but if it allows you to add code for an opt-in box you can sign up with a third party service and integrate it into your website.


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