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Online Data Entry Jobs

Real online data entry jobs are not easily found but if you search persistantly you will locate one.

Prior to completing an application for any job online or off, you will need to make sure your skills and experience meet the qualifications of the opening. Data entry jobs also have requirements which must be met. You will not be able to watch TV and and type at a leisurely pace! And... you can forget about the ads looking for individuals wanting to make $75,000 a year working at home part time doing typing jobs. That's not gonna happen!

Now if you are in the same real world as me, I strongly advise you to start practicing and polish up your skills so you will be ready to compete with others who are searching for these openings.

You will also need to have a properly equipped home office including an up to date computer along with a fast internet connection. Your prospects for a data entry job will be much better if you have all the necessary equipment and are ready to start work immediately. The employer will want to know you are serious, professional and qualified for the job. It's a plus if you have a fax machine, copier and scanner. Now days you can buy all 3 together in one unit for less that $150.00. You will also be better qualified if you have networking access to your computer, a good security software program, and wi fi capabilities.

If you are really serious and have a little extra money for expense, you can signup for computer based faxing services which is cutting edge technology. There is a monthy service fee for this but some companies have free trials. If you decide you want it - then there is a usually a relatively low monthly fee. In the long term you may be better off since you won't need all the forementioned equipment including all the supplies that go with it like ink cartridges, paper...etc.

Computer faxing is a good service to consider for the serious minded data entry job seeker. I' haven't personally used this but have heard nothing but good things about it. The cost can be as low as $7.95 for the fax service. Don't forget about the 30 day free trial. You might want to enroll for the trial to get some training at no cost! There is no obligation and worth looking into. Here is one for your consideration:

It pretty much goes without saying that you will need a cell phone with voicemail.. It's also a good idea to have a separate email address to be used exclusively for your data entry work.

These steps will prepare you and make you more qualified than another candidate with whom you may be in competition with... for the job. Make sure your resume is current and up to date. It will include all the equipment you have, services you offer, and your professional abilities! See our artice on Resumes for help in this area.

It's important to pursue the work at home data entry job just as vigorisly as you would any other job outside the home. Often moms [and others] go after online jobs in a less than professional manner. If you want to land the job .then don't respond to a job posting with an email asking for more information

If you get an answer... it will likely be... NO!

Always respond with a nice resume and a personal cover letter that states your genuine interest along with why you are the best qualified. Then you are in a good position to land the job.

I've personally been on both ends and know from experience what works and what doesn't. I've received resumes applying for an editing job that was filled with typos and poor grammer, and... no resume with questions about the pay! Naturally, I didn't respond since there were others who properly applied.

The final phase of the process is determining of an applicant meets the qualifications. It's essential to only apply for a data entry job if you are a good typist and are willing to do the work involved. Don't waste your time or the companies if you truly do not have the experience or abilities for the job.

Your resume is who you are. Are you a messy, unorganized piece of paper with coffee stains, or a clean, clearly written paper that stands above the rest?

Finding online data entry jobs?

The internet is filled with job boards and job information discussion groups. Consider the following:. Free Job Listings and Resume Posting Employment Opportunities Free Job Search Tools

Bookmark all websites for your job search or else create a desk top shortcute by right clicking on the page and click on "create shortcut" on the drop down menu. Or else save in your favorites folder on your computer. This allows for a quich access each time you do a search.Some websites have an email service that will send any jobs to you for the criteria you setup. Here are more websites for typing and data entry positions as well...

Sometimes I get emails from folks upset that jobs ads "ask for money". First off is it an actual "job ad", there will not be a fee unless it is an agency or middleman website providing online listings.Also.... search the transcription job posting websites. Proof-readers are a big need for many webmasters. Many jobs in these areas will require examples of your work or test to rate your skill level.

It can take take time to land the ideal data entry job you want.... especially position can be done out of the convenience of your home. Being ready with a solid and current resume, and searching daily increase your chances! If you are coming accross obstacles in your search for an online data entry job - don't feel to bad. There are other opportunities opening up for people to earn at home. Telecommuters are one growing area. Seach your city for more ideas.

There are other opportunitiess too including freelance protography using a digital camera. Digital cameras are very affordable now. This might be something that you want if you like to take pictures. Others are finding success learning about writing on the internet. Blogging for blog owners and writing articles is becoming a a good way to make money.

Good Luck in Your Search...

About The Author*
Erich V Winnecke is a mentor to online income seekers and owns the Work-At-Home-Directory.Com website... which is for people who are interested in locating a work from home income source or starting a Home Based Business.

This article may be reprinted only if the About The Author's resource box is kept intact and all links remain live. All rights are reserved by the author.


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