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Work At Home Networking and MLM

We will focus on Network Marketing and Multi-level Marketing information on this webpage Multi-level or Network marketing is presently being used by some good and legitimate online companies with a mission to sell products and make money.

The 1st goal is to sell products and increase company sales. The second objective is to recruit and sponsor new affiliates. Regardless of all the hype.. the bottom line remains the same - you make money from commissions thru the sale of products.

Not many people have sales experience, and would not likely take a job as a commission-only sales affiliate. However,. there are many businesses that do provide great support and free "step by step" training to help you. Marketing online eliminates the need to persuade someone to buy a product or service. You simply get people to visit your website and let the sales come from your advertisemements. This is called Affiliate Marketing. You signup as a free affiliate for online companies offering products and services and add their links and banners to your website.

Launching a website these days is easier than ever with all the available free software pre-set templates. It's simply a matter of selecting a domain name and theme for your website.... then following step by step directions completing a form. In fact, anyone with an interest, can now have their own domain and website. All it takes is a little typing and a few clcks from your mouse. I persoanally purchased this domain and launched this website for $7.95. That is all it costs me each month.

Getting back to making money online. It's important to know that a lot of personal fortunes have been gained by online and offline affiliate network marketing programs... In fact some studies indicate that over 25% of all new millionaires made their money from MLM. That being said, it's unfortunate that some people join these programs without clearly understanding that commission sales is what generates their income... nothing else. There are even some unscrupulous companies that mislead people into enrolling. That is why we always advise our visitors to never pay an up front fee unless their is a Money Back Guarantee.

Network essentially finding and enrolling people to duplicate what you're doing with regards to selling useful products. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you understand what is involved and the products and services are cost effective. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with Network MLM marketing - if you receive the proper training and support and are marketing quality products at a competitive price. There is no doubt you can make a lot of money with this kind of commission based sales. However, like anything else, it takes hard work and a great company to succeed.

This is not to be confused with a "Ponzi Scheme"or Pyramid Scam This is a money-making scheme where you get paid by recruiting, enrolling or sponsoring associates to follow your lead and continue to do this even though there is no tangable product or service. In other words, you'll be paid a commission from the people you recruit and from the people they sponsor and so on and so forth into infinity. A perfect example of this is the Bernie Madoff ripoff for over a billion dollars. Madoff paid some of his early "investers" in order to get others to invest. He was able to appear legitimate because he provided authentic looking income statements.

There are also Chain letters, Envelope Stuffing and Mail Order Clubs that are based upon the Ponzi Scheme model. If you have any doubts, contact your local BBB, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Protection Agency, State Attorney General or Postmaster and to discuss it's legitimacy. Most all of these are illegal and should be reported to authorities.

The bottom line is there are plenty of companies with good products/services and most are legitimate. Some of the best of these businesses are listed on this site. Just be careful and use good common sense in your search for work at home.

About The Author*
Erich V Winnecke is a mentor to online income seekers and owns the Work-At-Home-Directory.Com website... which is for people who are interested in locating a work from home income source or starting a Home Based Business.

This article may be reprinted only if the About The Author's resource box is kept intact and all links remain live. All rights are reserved by the author.


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