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Affiliate Marketing Work At Home Online

Using Google AdWords to generate some real money online has become a staple for many internet affiliate marketers. The fact that AdWords can undoubtedly be very profitable, if operated properly, should not be over shadowed by the fact that it can also be a bank account drainer. This article will give some helpful tips that should allow a newbie to using AdWords, have a smooth and successful start. You should understand, that although setting up an AdWords account is fairly easy, making money with it takes some learning and strategizing.

Listed below are 5 helpful tips that you should use when getting started with AdWords.

Create Your Own Landing Page - This tip alone is worth the read of this article. You should create a page with it's own domain name that markets whatever product that you are an affiliate of. This will come in handy when using AdWords because AdWords will only display one affiliate link at a time. This means that, if more then one person is an affiliate of the product you are marketing, only one of those links will be displayed at a time on the paid side of Google. Using the same affiliate links as everyone else will really stiffin the competition, because this means that you will have to out bid all of the other affiliates that are using this affiliate link in order to get your ad seen. Having your own landing page and domain name completely eliminates this problem. Make sure that your landing page has relevant content that relates to your keyword ad groups. If you have several keyword ad groups, you may want to consider setting up a landing page for each ad group.

Split Testing - This is very important. Split testing is when you run two ads for the same product where you keep everything the same except one thing. You decide what that one thing is. It might be the headline or the way you use capitalization. After you have your two ads running at the same time, see which one is getting the best results. I would give it 30 clicks to determine which one is working. This is when you see which ads get 30 clicks first. Get rid of the ad that is not getting results. Keep testing and tweaking your ads until you can get a click through rate (CTR) of between 3-5.

Use Google Analytics - Use Google Analytics to track the traffic that is coming in to your site. This will help you determine where you should or should not be marketing your ads on AdWords.

Set A Different Content Bid - Do not set your content match bid the same as your search match bid. Sometimes the content produces better results then the search bid does and vice versa. You should look at these results separately.

Monitor Your Account Regularly - Check your AdWords account at least 3 to 4 times a day. You will find that staying on top of your account will speed up your learning curve and get you successful results quicker.

Now that you have leared these tips, you are well on your way to adwords success.

Good Luck!


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