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There's literally thousands of guides on the internet on this topic. Full books in all the major on and offline bookstores and "a gazillion" articles. There's as many different approaches to this subject as there seem to be people.... but so far in MY reading and research, I have yet to see one, simple, concise article that puts it all in perspective and suggests a logical starting place. It's the goal of this article to do just that and to do it within 1500 words or so.

What is the first common denominator? SOMETHING HAS TO BE SOLD! The question then becomes what? We can break this down into two general categories: PRODUCT or SERVICE. Both can be sold on the internet. The PRODUCT area can further be simplified to be either a tangible product (something you can feel, see, touch, may need to inventory, etc and examples are numerous from pills, potions, lotions, air cleaners, water filters, carburetor replacement kits, fuel injector cleaner, etc etc etc). INTANGIBLES are things such as software, ebooks, insurance policies, etc.

The products may be products you (the businessman) develops, manufacturers, and controls OR they may be the products others have developed, manufacture, provide, ship, and generally control paying you a commission.

If YOU own or control the product, the entire profit (or loss) is yours, as is the responsibility for all facets of the sales process. On the other hand if you sell a product or service developed by others, you earn less but you have far less risk, and generally far less work.

What to choose to sell is one of the major questions, and whether to sell a highly unique product but to a small niche is one highly popular theory with the idea being you have less competition. On the other hand, selling to a larger body may mean more competition but a much larger potential customer base? Who is to say what is right!

All we know is this: You, or someone else must determine first that there are buyers out there; that there is a market. How you determine this is one of the great questions of doing business in any venue. Fortunately, on the internet there are research tools available starting with the popular (?) Google which can offer guidance in terms of searches. Amazon can eBay can also give you guidance.

But what if some other venue could do this research for you?

One popular idea is that the Internet is the INFORMATION super highway and that people come here first for information and not necessarily to shop. This thought continues with the idea YOU probably know something and have some information that people are willing to pay for. It may be small and niche related or it may be broad.. like this. How to Make Money on the Internet and having a guide to online earning is something a very large body of people seek.

It's a direction anyone can go.. but look at the steps beyond product or service choice: The first step is as the seller you must create sales pages; you must then market them. The best sales page in the world that doesn't get seen is useless. Then when someone does see them and orders, you must have some kind of money collection and transfer system. Then you must have a delivery system, even for a virtual product. Of course the virtual or electronic product (or service) is the easiest to set up and manage, but still takes work. You may have to host a few sites; have a place for the virtual product to be delivered from... at least if selling your own product.

We think there is a better way. Actually someone else found and developed it first and this article is just telling you about it. Now maybe you can copy the idea because as it is, it involves a product that someone else has created. Actually, several products. These are information products or services such as software that others have created and place in the very popular ClickBank market. You have full access to them simply by applying. Your task is simply to market them. The fine CB people take the order from your affiliate link; collect the money, deliver the product, and pay you. Heck, you could even put your own product there.

So what's the problem? Simply this: there's thousands of products in "the click bank warehouse" How do you know what one to sell? And once you decide, how do you go about selling it?

The new way is to let someone ELSE do the CB research each month and see what is hot and fresh; let someone else with considerable expertise develop high rate capture pages; let someone else coach you each month on what sales tools to use and provide them.

Now you have but one task: Promote that webpage and collect the money. And wouldn't it be nice that if each time you captured a visitor you had them forever?

And lastly if you could have this great service at an affordable price.. and even get paid for sharing it?

The NEW way is NOW and it exists.

You now have a great newbie guide to online earning and creating rather easy internet income.

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